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A paradise of roses easy to maintain

It was in the beautiful region of the Perigord, with its oak and chestnut forest,
vast fields,brooks and temperate climate ,where we decided to realize our dream garden.
Inspired by French gardens of the XVII:s century, the architecture of this garden had to be geometric with massive settings, bordered with small boxwood and filled with pebbles which marvellously harmonize with the old walls.

The roses should be the stars and the plants around them stay in the backround.

I used a genius French idea for my rose garden: a geotextile fabric, earlier used for the construction of our terrace which was placed on the prevent the growing of weed. Just imagine a garden without weed and where the humidity stays under the geotextile fabric where watering is superfluous and the faded foliage can easily be removed with a hand-held blower.Consequently the lack of heavy work in my garden contributes to an enjoyable balance between work an pleasure.

A well structured garden is also delightful in the winter. The sculptural arrangement is especially striking when it snows and the small boxwoods with their persistent leaves are decorated with thick white bonnets.

I mainly choose pink roses as they preserve a beautiful appearance when fading. The smell of roses, in particular of old English roses, fills the courtyard. Old fruit trees serve as support for climbing roses and even the pool is sourrounded by these magnificent floders

Thus more then 160 different kinds of roses grow in a garden which demands no big effort to maintain. A cunning choice of healthy roses pays offas only two anti-mildew treatment are needed each year


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